Sunday, 2 May 2010

Experimental Sketchbook... Rules apply!

Well this week has gone in a flash once again! It is pretty scary how quick these days are going, before we know it all our deadlines will creep up and start nipping our ankles... gulp! For the past week we have all been juggling our time between the various projects (some, admittedly, have been more successful than others) so time management is a bit of an issue since we have to divide it by three! But I'm feeling strong about our 'What' project, I really like the idea and the style that my group and I have put together, and we seemed to get a good response when we pitched the idea to our course mates and tutors. So its all go go go on that project! This week I have just been continuing working on my character designs, and I have also made a good start on our experimental sketchbook project for Kathy. I really like the brief we have been given for this project because it has gives us a complete sense of freedom to explore whatever style or theme we want, but it also has small guidelines to stop us drawing a complete blank at the prospect of having no boundaries! Each week we have to get into small groups and think of a rule, (be it draw a certain item or different emotion, sketch a specific word or action etc) and the group has to draw this 'rule' every day of the week in a creative and original manner. Last week I sketched a map of the university campus and drew a grid map over the top. I would then think of a grid ref, look where it was on the map and go to that location on campus to find interesting things to draw. It was particularly pleasant seeing as we were blessed with sunshine that week, and I could go and soak up the rays with my sketchbook and pencils at hand :D This week our group decided to write down 7 random words on pieces of paper and put them all in a pile scrunched up. We then had to pick 7 random pieces of the paper, and draw one of the words that we had been given every day of this week. The words that I got were: Sad, Breasts, Stones, Animals, Hairy, Banana and Ice cream.. this weeks drawings are gonna be pretty interesting! :p Here are some of the drawings I have done so far out of my sketchbook, I will continue to update my dear blog with more piccies soon. Toodle ooo!

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