Thursday, 20 May 2010

What what what??

I have finally finsihed all of the cut-out out pieces for our 'What?!' animation, hurrah! They were really fun to make and I thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into the designs and cut-out style of our final animation, but I must admit after making over 60 separate cut-out body parts and features it does get a bit tedious! But I am really pleased with the final outcome of the characters, and the backgrounds that Insa has made look fab! :D For the past week Sasha has worked on scanning and cutting out all of the separate character body parts in photoshop, and is currently bringing the animation to life! So far it looks really good and I love the style that Sasha has managed to capture in the movement of the characters, she deserves a medal! Once the main animating is complete, we are going to try and add the finishing details (e.g lighting, text, etc) in After effects, since flash can sometimes render movie clips in quite a poor quality. So hopefully After effects will avoid losing the detail within the character and background designs. I will post some piccies of the backgrounds soon, and hopefully some still from the animation so you can see how it is going to look :)

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