Wednesday, 12 May 2010

What? Que? Che?

Well we are now well and truly on our way with our 'what' project, and so far I am really enjoying working on our idea! For the past week my group has been working on the pre- production side to our animation, and we have all been given certain roles with specific tasks that we have to complete by the end of the week to ensure that all aspects of our animation's pre-production are covered. Insa has been working on the visual layout and main background for the animtion, which looks amazing! Sasha has completed the storyboard, presented our idea and put together an animatic on flash which maps out how our animation will hopefully look once completed! This week I have been focusing on making the cut out characters for the final animation which we will then scan and load into whatever programme we decide to use (we are still unsure about whether to use flash or after effects.) I really enjoyed making the cut out characters because it gave me the freedom to be a bit more creative! I used cardboard, paints and brown paper to make up the shapes of the characters, and then added fabric patterns and fineliner to give the features more detail. I am happy with how the characters have turned out, as I was a bit nervous about making them before hand since I've never done any cut out animation! I tried to give the characters an almost 'homemade' look, and I think I have managed to do this. So far I think we are on track with our work scedule, so hopefully we can get cracking on the animating in the next couple of days. Here are a couple of piccies of the cut out characters I made this week! :)

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