Thursday, 27 May 2010

Animal Firm.. here we go!

Right, I completely admit that I haven't been as keen of this project than the other two, and I have been putting it off for a while because I couldn't think of a good idea and inspiration had run dry! I have been worrying too much about trying to think of a good story therefore I haven't got stuck into the project. But I have finally decided what I am going to do and I've got cracking on some character designs! My initial plot was going to be the cliche 'experiment gone wrong' through the process of cloning human and animal DNA, and I was going to have the creatures that were created from the cloning rebel against the scientists and start capturing human beings (therefore creating the 'Animal Firm') But this did not fit to the brief very well seeing as the characters had to have a British link. The brief also stated that we had to consider how the animal firm characters fitted into our British culture and their impact on our society. Therefore my story is still going to have the scientists create the 'Animal Firm' by merging animal and human genes and cloning the results, but the scientists let the animal firm loose into the city as an experiment to see how they fit into our society and how they live their lives differently.
So the past couple of weeks I have been designing characters that have specific characterisics and personalities to suit their 'animal side,' and this week i am going to work on some concept art that shows how their lives have turned out from living amongst humans. Here are some initial sketches and my characters so far! :)

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