Thursday, 6 October 2011

Seagull Puppet!

Here's a little seagull puppet I made during the summer, woop! It looks a bit rough here and there and it needs a lot of tweaking, but I quite like the look of it and practise makes perfect :) I carved blocks of balsa wood for the basic head and body, and then used milliput to add the feather detail, beak and feet. To connect all of the limbs, I used twisted 1.5 aluminium wire and also twisted 1.0 wire to connect the two sections of feet to enable them to bend. Here are the results!

Final Major Project Idea

After umm-ing and ahh-ing about what idea to pitch for our final major project, and spending the whole summer stressing about cobbling together something spectacular, I have finally decided to go with something thats simple but sweet.

My idea is to make a short stop-motion film aimed at a younger audience, which tells the story of how a small girl rescues a vunerable seagull chick that has fallen from its nest. The main focus of the plot is on the strong bond of friendship that grows between these two characters, and highlights the emotions felt when the seagull grows too big to look after and has to be released back into the wild (I was also thinking of making the chick transforming into a giant seagull when fully grown, but it might be a bit far-fetched!)

To make the most of our rather lovely surroundings here in Falmouth, I would like the story to be set in a quaint fishing village in Cornwall, paying homage to typical Cornish scenery and hopefully capturing the charm of the South-West coast through detailed sets and quirky puppet characters.

Here are a few character and armature plans for the puppets, and a few concept drawings I did over the holidays (one of them is repeated from my last post.)

Summers Gone..

Well, the clouds and rain have comfortably settled themselves over falmouth which means summer is officially over... and it is now our third and final year in uni.. oh my. As always I have neglected my poor blog over the holidays and have spent these last few months working full-time to earn some well-needed monies (which was also a good excuse to completely avoid thinking about uni work.)

But now we have officially started our third year this week, and have realised how much work we have to do in an alarmingly-short amount of time. I am terrified. Here are some doodles I did over the summer!(I didn't completely neglect my sketchbook, sorry blog)