Thursday, 29 April 2010


It is time to be creative!!! For our main project for this term, my group and I have decided to work on the 'what' brief, and have come up with an idea that works well with the requirements that are stated on the brief. The plot of our animation will tell the story of a little girl who has found a book about old wives tales, and doesn't understand that the information inside the book is just rumours.. therefore she becones sucked into the 'book' as she imagines herself with, for example, carrot eyes to see in the dark etc. We will use the 'whats' to express her disbelief and gradual sense of horror and she starts to believe that the information in front of her is truthful, therefore we are focusing on the themes of misunderstanding and misinterpretation between adults and chldren. We have decided to focus on a cut out style, with lots of textures and patterns to create a really visual and 'homemade' feel to the final animation, and here are a couple of rough character designs that I've done this week:

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