Thursday, 27 May 2010

What!!!! its nearly over!

My goodness these last few weeks have flown by! My group (sasha, insa and myself) have been busy bees getting everything ready for the final 'What' animation, the deadline for everything to be completed by is tommorrow.. eep! but I think we have all done well in keeping to our weekly scedule, all we need to do is render the final animation and voila! We will be done :) This past week Insa has been busy gathering all the sounds we needed for the final animation (I had to be the voice for the 'whats'... my voice sounds really strange on the recorder!) Insa is also friends with a guy called Mike who plays the accordion, and she managed to get him to play a wicked little tune for the background of the animation, and it works really well with the cut out style. Sasha has been a saint and put the whole animation together on flash, where she completed all of the main animating and sound syncing. She has now loaded the animation into after effects to add some special lighting effects, and will render the finished animation in this programme seeing as some of the quality is often lost when rendering in flash. So far the animation works really well, and I think w are all pleased with how it has turned out :) This week I completed the titles and credits for the beginning and end of the animation, and I also had to make some more in-between cut out pieces to make the motion of the characters look more fluid (for example when the main girl character shuts the book in suprise.) Tonight I am going to gather up all of the concept art and cut-out pieces and scan them all into photoshop to touch them up for the deadline tomorrow. Here are the extra bits and bobs I made this week, and also a still shot from the animation. Take a gander and have a look :)

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