Friday, 12 March 2010

Finished Storyboards

Wahay here are my finished storyboards! I actually enjoyed doing this project (although at times it did get exremely tedious drawing the same thing over and over again!) But I am interested in the background art and storyboarding storyboarding side to animation, and it is the area of work that I am considering going into hopefully if all goes well. I chose the pirate story as my storyboard script, and after planning and mapping out my drawings I used mainly fineliner to create each individual frame. Here are the finished storyboards... :)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Flash... aaahhhh!

Well, after many long hours of staring at my laptop in bemusement and torrents of foul language streaming from my mouthm I have FINALLY finished my flash lip sync video! I have made myself a cup of particularly sweet tea to celebrate wahaay!
About a month ago we were given the brief for this project, and it explaned that we had to produce a small animation involving lip syncing in the programme flash. We were given a couple of short clips of students talking about their trials and tribulations that they have experienced so far in university life, and we had to pick a particular part of these clips that had potential to be used in our animation.
The brief was pretty open, and pretty much gave us the oppurtunity to incorporate anything we wanted into our animations. I decided on making my characters a tea set that were all coversing on a kitchen table(I still don't really know why.. probably because it is linked to food!) so my main characters were a mug, a tea cup, a digestive biscuit and a carton of milk.. random, I admit!
I drew out the background in photoshop and imported it into flash, but all of the characters and their features were drawn out directly in flash (thank god for graphics tablets!) Then it was time to animate!!
I admit I really did struggle with the animating when I first started.. I have never used flash properly before this so the thought of actually lip syncing terrified me, and I couldn't get the mouths to look right because they were always slightly delayed. But after tediously going through every frame (and with the patience of my friend Laurence)I managed to find the frames that were causing the problems and corrected them as much as I could. I am pretty happy with the final outcome of my lip syncing. It is very jumpy in parts and kinda looks like a three year old has designed the characters! But considering I have never done anything like this before, I am kind of proud of it.. and have become rather fond of the little characters, bless their little teacup hearts :)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Maya Environment: the finished interior!!

Well I must admit this laat week has been bloomin' knackering! After a lot of stressing, foul language and hundreds of cups of tea, I finally managed to complete my own Maya interior for the CGI environment project that we were set. When I first heard about this project I once again went into panic mode as soon as I heard the word 'Maya' due to my previously stressful and less than perfect maya encounters.
But after practising the numerous techniques that we were taught through CGI tutorials, I managed to piece together a version of my halls room here in falmouth in maya, and I am kind of proud of it (seeing as I was struggling to make a curved line in maya a couple of weeks ago!) I know it's nothing special and the room looks ALOT like something of 'the sims,' but here it is.. see what you think :)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Whoopsey I forgot to upload my 2D backgrounds on here! It's been a couple of weeks since our deadline and I recieved positive feedback which I was very happy with. Here are the 3 final drawings...