Tuesday, 29 March 2011

ahh dammit I've uploaded the wrong clip of our film 'The Hoovering,' there only seems to be half of it! :s i shall try and find a full version pronto!

Cinematography: DONE!!! :D

yaaaay we have completed our cinematography film 'The Hooving,' hurrah! I think we have all done a good job putting the film together, and I have really enjoyed working with our group! We are pretty happy with the results, its a shame that some older bits of footage look a bit blurred and dark compared to the newer footage, but it isnt really that noticable because when ryan and miguel edited it together they managed to turn the film black and white, which looks really effective and pretty spooky (especially with the creepy music!) Here is the final video of 'The Hooving' and also a short documentary where we all talk about our filming experience :)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Pre- Production... DONE! :D

Eeeep I haven't been very good at updating my progression on this project because it has all been a bit manic over the past few weeks, but at last all the work has come together and my pre-production bible is finished at last! :D It has been a bit of a race for time this week trying to get all of the concept pieces, turn-arounds and storyboards finished, but after a lot of late nights it is done and dusted and Im pretty happy with the results :) Here is the pdf that I handed in, hopefully it loads up ok!

Cinematography...'The Hoovering!'

Oo eck I have just realised I haven't written anything about our cinematography project so far, I better get cracking!
Right, at the start of the term we started having weekly sessions with one of our tutors Frankie began to teach us how to work P2 cameras, and how to capture good footage. After we had learnt the basics we had to get into groups and were given a project where we had to create a 90 film using the P2 camera, to give us a chance to practise our new skills and teach us how to set up decent shots. I was in a group with Alice, Charlie, Laurence, Miguel, Nigel and Ryan, and after we had been given the brief we all sat down together to try and put together a plot for our film. Initially we started ut by writing any ideas that came to our heads, and this helped us form a final solid idea. We decided to go down the 'dark comedy' route and stuck to a horror theme, and came up with a storyline that follows the sleepness night of a girl who is awoken by her bedroom door slamming... startled by this noise, she gets out of bed and checks out in the hall to see if there is anyone out there. There is nothing in the hall, but the audience can see a vacuum cleaner appear behind her in the bedroom. After realising there is nothing in the hall, the girl returns to her bed. After she settles down again, she turns over sleepily, only to find the vacuum cleaner sinisterly lying next to her which makes her jump.. SCCRREEEEEAM! I was apppointed the role of the actress, which I was a bit nervous abotu because I have a tendancy to turn bright red and I cant help but laugh when I have to be serious! But luckily we all worked really well as a team and got the footage done fairly quickly, and I didn't laugh too many times! We encountered quite a few problems during filming, mainly involving the lighting. We wanted to make the footage look quite eerie so we thought it would look good filmed at night, but this proved trickier than we thought because we then had to use spotlights to create dramatic lighting which didnt work as well as we had hoped. As a result, we had to re-shoot a few shots because they looked too dark. Here are a few piccies of us in action, and also a test of some of the shots put together, the final film will be finished this week if all goes to plan! :)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

life drawing

Here are some of my life drawings from last week, Im not going to upload them all because some of them are pretty appaulling! :s

Saturday, 5 March 2011

3rd year role update

Eeeek I haven't written anything about my third year role for yonks, I better catch up sharpish! As I mentioned before, I was given the role of set dresser on the stop-motion 3rd year film called 'The Musician,' but before I could get started on my role, the sets had to be constructed, covered in a thin layer of poly-filler to disguise the grains of the wood, and then finally have a coat of white primer paint to give them all a smooth finish. We were a bit behind on the construction scedule/ deadline (we had a few problems getting the wood cut, a piece went missing, etc) So for the past few weeks I have been helping out with these jobs, and the sets are now all put together and ready to be painted and dressed :)

This past week I have been painting and dressing one of the shop-front sets, following a design that Sarah gave me as an example of how she wanted it to look. I work quite a bit during the week, so I thought it would be a good idea to take the set home with me so that I could work on it at night (although getting on the bus with it was a bit tricky!) Firstly, I cut panels of cardboard and stuck them to the wood surface, to give the set a more 3D look and make it look more realistic. I then sketched out the design onto the wood, then got cracking on the painting! It admittedly took me quite a while to complete because the design was pretty complicted, and I also had to add quite a bit of extra detail afterwards using balck fineliner, to neaten up the edges. I really enjoyed working on the set, and it was a good excuse to get my paints out again! :D I have got some really positive feedback from Sarah, and she has also asked me to dress another set which consists of a city scene with a sloping road... I better get cracking! Here are some photos of my progression :)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

oh good god its been ages! :s

Ooo eck it has quite a while since I updated my poor neglected blog, i deserve a mighty slap on the wrist for that! :s Right, it's been a bloomin busy month to say the least, what with juggling our pre production bible with working for the 3rd year projects AND filming our cinematography 90 film... phew! I shall start with pre production :)
Last wednesday we had to do a pitch in front of the class to show what we have done for the project so far and try to 'sell' our idea to derek and kathy. I admit I was pretty panicky because I tend to turn bright red and lose the plot when I talk to lots of people! But I think my pitch went well and I got some good feedback which is snazzy :) Since then I havent really been able to work on my bible much this week because I've been helping out a lot with the 3rd year project, but here is what I have done so far that isnt on here yet :)