Sunday, 13 May 2012

Trays and Shop Bell

We had some spare milliput lying around and we needed a few more baking trays for the pasty shop interior. So I mixed the two parts of milliput and quickly sculpted some trays on some baking paper to stop them sticking (once milliput sets it is rock hard and welds to any surface!) Once these were dry, I coated them with a layer of poly-filler to help the base coat of paint stick later on.

Whilst the milliput trays were drying, I remembered that we needed an old-fashioned door bell for the pasty shop set, to be glued next to the front door and add the sound effects in post as the puppets walk in and out of the shop. To make the bell, I looked up a picture of one on the internet, and sculpted the different sections that make up a bell out of black fimo clay, and baked these in the oven for about ten minutes. Once the fimo had set, I let it cool down and then glued the sections together with araldite glue.

Once the glue had set, I coated the fimo bell with a layer of poly-filler which dried really quickly because I only gave it a thin coat. I then sanded down both the baking trays and the bell with a small nail file (good for getting into small places!) and then painted them all with a base coat of black acrylic paint.
The bell looked a bit too 'perfect' with just the black undercoat, so I added a rusty metallic effect with both acrylic paint and also metal emulsion. I forgot to take a picture of the finished bell, so I'll put one up soon :)

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