Monday, 14 May 2012

Shelves and Herb Pots

The pasty shop set walls were looking a tad bit bare inside, so I thought it would look at bit more homely to have a few shelves up so that we could put some bakery bits and bobs on them. To make up the main structure of the shelves, I sawed two long rectangular pieces of wood and also cut 4 small triangles to make up the wooden support under the shelves.

Once these pieces were cut, I glued them together with strong wood glue supported by gaffa tape, and left them over night to set. Once the wood glue had dried and the shelf structures were sturdy I painted them with a few coats of wood varnish, and also dry-brushed some brown umber paint here and there to make the shelves look a bit older and worn. Here are the finished results:

To go on the shelves, Andy found some tiny battery parts that looked a bit like small jars and he said they would look nice as little herb pots. So I painted them with a base coat of black acrylic, and them painted the 'tops' of the jars an assortment of colours. Whilst they were drying, I made some tiny labels by cutting out cartridge paper and painting a ochre wash over them to look a bit older. Once the wash was dry, I added a different herb name onto each label with black fine-liner and then stuck them straight onto the little dried pots with pritt stick. Here are some pictures of my progression, and also the finished results on the shelves I made earlier:

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