Monday, 7 May 2012

Pasty Shop Floor

We had been wondering for a while what to do about the pasty shop floor. It would have looked fantastic with a similar hand-tiled floor like the one I constructed for the pasty child's bedroom, however this was an extremely time-consuming (and expensive) way of doing it. So we thought of a much easier way of going about making the floor look tiled... print off a tile pattern from the computer and slap it on the wooden base floor with pritt stick, easy peasy!We did think about painting the tiles ourselves on photoshop but it seemed a bit pointless in the end. So I printed off about 10 sheets of a white and black tile pattern that we liked, and then began sticking them straight onto the wooden floor with pritt stick. It was a bit fiddly cutting and matching up the tiles in the correct order, but compared to sculpting, baking and fixing down fimo tiles it was a walk in the park! Here are some piccies of the process and also one of the finished floor fixed onto the shop set:

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