Friday, 4 May 2012

Finishing Touches on Shop Set

The shop set is looking fantastic, Andy has done us proud as set engineer! The inside was looking pretty bare, so we initially painted the inner walls a creamy yellow colour and Andy glued on some varnished lolly sticks around the bottom half to look like wood panelling. They look really effective, but both the walls (inside and out) and the wood looked a bit too 'new,' whereas we wanted a more battered and rustic appearance. To achieve this effect, I dry-brushed a combination of lighter and darker tones of paint over the walls to grudge up the corners and edges, and then brushed a darker brown paint over the wood panelling to create more of a shadowing effect.
For the outside walls of the shop, I used a larger brush with thicker bristles and dry-brushed black acrylic over the surface, and also touched up any mistakes or wobbly lines with the original green paint. Here are some piccies of the shop set so far, complete with some props!:

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