Sunday, 13 May 2012

1890 Character Turn-Arounds

Oo I completely forgot to post these! Here are the character turn-arounds I completed for Insa's BMX film 1890. Insa wanted some 2D character animation in her film and needed to know how the characters she designed looked from certain angles to help with the animation. Insa gave me a few sketches on how she wanted two characters to look: one was a big muscly guy and the other a angry-looking little panda, both of which fitted really nicely with her film style. From these sketches, I had a go at drawing up some simple turn-arounds for each character in a few poses; it was quite tricky trying to think of how the big muscly guy looked from a side angle but I think they turned out ok. In comparison, the panda was such easier to draw in different angles, and I shaded in the darker areas on the character's fur in Photoshop (at some point I will colour in the muscly guy in Photoshop as well, but for the time being I left him as plain lines as I was unsure as to how he should be coloured.) Here are the results:

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