Sunday, 15 April 2012

Waste-Paper Bin and Laundry Basket

Props like the waste-paper bin were really easy to make because I literally just sculpted it out of milliput, sanded it down and painted the outside, and then added scrunched up bits of paper inside to make it look authentic:

The Laundry basket however was a bit trickier to make! I wanted it to have a wooden structure with a fabric 'basket' in the centre. To make the main structure I used wooden coffee stirrers cut into sections and glued together with pva. Once the glue had dried I painted the wood a dark grey colour, and then got started on making the inner basket. For this, I cut up a grey sock and glued the sections together with fabric glue. Once the glue had dried, I attached the fabric basket inside the wooden structure and the prop was complete!:

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