Friday, 27 April 2012

Dressing Pasty Shop Counters

In one of my previous posts, I described how I constructed the shop counter and also window display counter. I left these props to one side while focusing on other jobs, but they were looking a tad bit sorry for themselves so I thought I would make them look a bit snazzier! To make the main conter look more authentic, I sawed sections of bevelled thin wood and filed the corners into angles. The I glued the sections onto the side of the counter to create a more 3D effect.

Once the araldite glue was dry, I painted the main structure of both counters with a few coats of deep green colour to match the continued colour scheme, and then added a rich ochre colour to the glued-on sections of wood.
Whilst this was drying, I cut two rectangular sections of cardboard for the countertops and then painted them with a grey basecoat. Once this was dry, I sprayed over the grey coat with a special 'stone' effect spray paint to create the impression that the countertops were made of granite. Once this was dry I glued the two contertops onto the main counter and window display, and voila! Counters done :)

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