Friday, 27 April 2012

Bits and Bobs

Here are some piccies of some odd jobs I've been doing around the studio on the sets! To make the stairs that George built look more authentic, I first painted them with a base coat of black, and then used the special effect spray paint over the top of the base coat to create a stoney appreance:
The next job to do was plastering the walls of the hallway set to add texture. Once the plaster had dried, I painted over the top of it with a grey base colour, and then added a grundge effect to the corners of the walls using black acrylic paint:
After Andy had painted a few coats of special green paint onto the pasty shop set as the main base colour, I focused on getting the bricks that I sculpted underneath the shop front complete. To start, I used up the grey paint from the hallway set by painting the brick texture a grey block colour. Once this was dry, I brushed a darker colour over the bricks by using a dry-brushing tecchnique with black acrylic paint, and this created a more 3D effect as the darker colour clung to the morter (however you spell it) between the bricks. To make the bricks look even more £D, I dry brushed a lighter colour over the tops pf the bricks to make them stand out a bit more. Here's the final effect:

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