Sunday, 15 April 2012

Real Book

In one of the bedroom shots, the Pasty Child is flicking through a travel book, therefore I needed to make a fully-functioning that had real pages and text inside. To make the basic structure of the book, I cut out small sections of paper and folded them into two to make up the pages. To fasten all the pages together, I placed all of the page edges together and applied a layer of p.v.a glue and a section of thinner paper to hold them all in place. Once the pages felt like they were secure, I cut out a larger piece of brown card and folded it in the shape of a book cover, and then glued the stuck-together edges of the pages onto the folded area of the cardboard that would be the binding:

Once the main structure of the book was complete, I could start decorating it and make it look pretty :D I painted a base coat of blue on the books cover using acrylics, and once this was dry I printed off a page of text (complete nonsense that I typed in teeny tiny print in Word.)I then cut the text into sections and then glued them straight onto the book's pages to make it look a bit more authentic. However the text looked a bit too obvious so I put a wash of pale yellow paint over the pages t blur the words and make the book look a bit more rugged. I added final detail and a Cyprus design onto the front of the book (a tribute for George!)using fine-liner and acrylics, and Voila! Book is done :)

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