Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Shoe Boxes, Pipes and a Roll Mat

Right, back to the props! There are only a few more props left to do for the bedroom set now, hurrah! The next few props I worked on were shoe boxes, pipes that would run up the bedroom walls to make it look more spooky and also a roll mat to show that the pasty child wants to travel. To make up the main bases of these props, I sculpted the shapes out of fimo and then baked them in the oven:

For the shoe boxes, I baked 3 rectangular shapes of fimo and then folded and glued brown paper around them. Once they were dry, I added some text around the edges of the boxes to make them look a bit more authentic:

Once these were done, I painted up the pipes for the bedroom with acrylics using the same rust effect as I used on the walls, and I also finished painting the roll mat (although I had to add a layer of ploy-filler to these two props before I painted them to prevent the paint from scratching off.):

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