Friday, 9 March 2012

Bunting and bags

To make the pasty child appear as if she wants to be free from her situation, her room is going to be filled with the travel books that I made previously. Another prop to hint at this is a little rucksack, suggesting that the pasty child is planning for her escape. To make this prop, I carved a piece of foam for the basic shape, then cut up an old sock into sections to make up the exterior of the bag.
Once these were cut, I glued the sections together over the top of the section of foam with fabric glue.

Once the main body was completed, I glued together sections of black fabric to make the straps of the bag, and glued these onto the top and base.

For finishing touches, I neatened up all the edges and then added a small button onto the bag strap. I also added the fimo pencil I sculpted previously to a pocket on the side of the bag to make it look more authentic.

To make the pasty child's bedroom look less scary, I quickly made some bunting by sculpting triangles of fimo onto a piece of aluminium wire. Once this was baked, I painted the triangles using a similar colour scheme to the other props:

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