Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bits and Bobs

Oops I have let the blog posts build up again! I should really do this once a week so I don't have to do an epic update! I'll break these last few weeks into little blog chunks :)It's all been a bit manic these past few weeks juggling dissertations with production, but its all going well and the sets and props are looking really nice together. In between making props here and there, I spent one afternoon adding bricks onto the lower half of the pasty shop set by putting a thick layer of poly-filler onto the two main walls and scraping a brick pattern into the filler using a thin piece of wire. Now that the main structure of this set is built we can get cracking on dressing it and making it look pretty:

While this was drying, I added a 'rust' effect to the door of the bedroom set. George had previously sprayed the door with a silver spray paint to make it look metallic, but it looked a bit too shiny so I added acrylic paints in the corners and around the edges to grunge it up a bit:

The only thing that needed to be constructed for the bedroom set was the floor, so this was the next thing I got started on. We wanted the floor to look like big stone slabs, so Sasha bought a bundle of granite-textured fimo which looked perfect for what we were after. To start with, I rolled out the squares of fimo into a thin sheet and then cut out different square shapes using a scalpel (we didn't want all the slabs to be the same shape because we wanted a more rugged look.) Once the fimo squares were cut out, I put them onto a tray and baked them in the oven. Our oven is ridiculously hot so I burnt the square tiles a bit, but it actually worked out well because they turned a really nice dark granite colour. Once they had cooled, I arranged the tiles like a jigsaw onto the section of wood we were using for the floor, and then using superglue I stuck the squares down and then filled in the gaps in between with black milliput. It was pretty fiddly because I stupidly mixed all of the milliput at once, so I was frantically trying to get the tiles down before it dried! But the finished results look really nice, phew!:

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