Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Stop Motion Puppet Designs

Rightio! I have decided to make a stop-motion armature for my negotiated brief project, and hopefully have a go at animating a couple of short tests of the finished puppet, wahay! I will spend the next few weeks building an armature skeleton out of balsa wood, aluminium wire and possibly some fimo if I'm feeling daring! Me, Sash and Paddy are gonna split a big bundle of wire and wood, we have had a few problems trying to find the bloomin stuff but I've managed to get some balsa wood off sarah crombie and sash has found a good website to order the wire. Here are a few designs of my planned armature and puppet, they will pmost likely end up looking completely different because I haven't made one before and will probably be pretty shoddy at first! :S But I shall give it a go :)

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