Sunday, 22 May 2011

puppet-making ago go!

My puppet construction has begun, wahaay! We have now got all the materials we need for the project so we can get cracking, and so far its been great fun! Using my initial puppet designs, I have spent the last week sawing and sanding bits of balsa wood to get the initial body-part shapes sorted and I have had a go at putting the pieces together with twisted aluminium wire and araldite glue. So far I've managed to construct the basic torso, with the head and the pelvis attatched to the chest, and fingers crossed it wont topple over when I attatch the rest of the body parts! In our tutorials Ann mentioned that it would be nice to be able to move the eyes of the puppet to give it some character, and showed us an example of a puppet that she made which has detachable moulded eyes. So I have hollowed out eye holes in the head of my puppet (it looks terrifying at the mo!) and using fimo clay I moulded four sets of eye shapes using these holes as a guide. Once they were baked I painted on all the detail onto each eye, and if all goes well I will use tiny amounts of double-sided sticky tape in the holes to keep them in place. So far they look alright when put into the puppets sockets... that sounds pretty gruesome! Here are some piccies of what I have done so far...

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