Sunday, 29 May 2011

Pitch Project- "The Foodal System!"

Rightio! we have been given another project this term, where we have to form groups and come up with an idea that we will have to pitch to an audiece in a dynamic and memorable way. I am in a group with Alice, Paddy, Sasha and Insa, and during the first week we all got together and started mind mapping some potential ideas and stories that would grab audiences attentions. I remembered watching sketches by certain comedians that poked fun at the contents of food cupboards, so I suggested that we could focus our idea around the 'lives' of items found in kitchen cupboards and call it "The Foodall System" which everyone seemed happy to work with. Although the idea isn't completely original, we all agreed that we could get some really good characters and stories out of it and make it original in our own way. We decided that the idea was going to either take the form of a series of short silly episodes, or possibly a group of web shorts, aimed at audiences aged between 16-25 to give us a bit more freedom to explore some more risquee storylines than a childrens series! The story revolves around the lives of condiments and food located in a kitchen food cupboard, and each episode will focus on one specific character and tell their own little story. The plots are going to be funny and a bit crude here and there but not too 'in your face,' so we want to keep it light hearted and very silly! During this week Alice and Paddy have worked like troopers to get all the characters drawn up which all look really cool, and I have been writing up some possible storylines for each episode and given them some rather cheesy titles! Here are a few examples :)

Episode 3-“Sell by Date”
Rumours have appeared amongst the food cupboard that when you reach old age, you are exiled to a frosty place that is cold and miserable (the fridge) to prolong your suffering , and during your final days you are locked in an icy fortress that suspends you in a frozen eternity (the freezer.) Recently the smelly and muddled Old man bread is looking particularly crusty and unusually blue, which sparks off gossip that soon he will be exiled to this fearful chilling prison, much to the delight of his fellow cupboardeers (especially Dunkan the Teabag, who has to put up with Old man bread’s constant moaning.) Will he face the same fate as the pitta breads, who were looking peaky before their mysterious disappearance?...

Episode 5-“The Forgotten clove”
The food cupboard is unusually subdued due to the recent strange noises coming from the dreaded ‘top shelf’ which leads to rumours of a ghoul gherkin paying a visit. After some deep discussions and fearful conclusions Majesto decides that something must be done, and Senor Salsa plucks up the courage to shimmy his way up to the top shelf to take a peek. But instead of finding a skulking ghoulie gherkin, Senor Salsa discovers a lonesome wizened garlic clove, whose siblings have been sacrificed to the latest bolognaise. The condiments take pity on such a pathetic creature, and embrace the clove as their new adopted family member. Will the clove cope with such a volatile noisy crowd after being alone for so long?...

Episdode 4-“Let me see the size of your rack?”
The nosy spices on their special rack have got themselves into a right old pickle for spreading the gossip concerning a controversial love triangle between Olly Oil, White Wine Vinegar and oo la la Betty balsamic which has resulted in whisperings about a vinaigrette love child. From the food cupboard’s point of view, Olly Oil and Betty balsamic have had a happy committed union, and have often been heard shaking things up when a salad is brought into the picture. However the spice rack has a better view of the happenings outside the restrictions of the cupboard, which leads to a distraught Olly Oil questioning his supposedly doting wife’s affections and her sudden weight increase. Has Betty been dressing more than just salad?...

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