Thursday, 3 March 2011

oh good god its been ages! :s

Ooo eck it has quite a while since I updated my poor neglected blog, i deserve a mighty slap on the wrist for that! :s Right, it's been a bloomin busy month to say the least, what with juggling our pre production bible with working for the 3rd year projects AND filming our cinematography 90 film... phew! I shall start with pre production :)
Last wednesday we had to do a pitch in front of the class to show what we have done for the project so far and try to 'sell' our idea to derek and kathy. I admit I was pretty panicky because I tend to turn bright red and lose the plot when I talk to lots of people! But I think my pitch went well and I got some good feedback which is snazzy :) Since then I havent really been able to work on my bible much this week because I've been helping out a lot with the 3rd year project, but here is what I have done so far that isnt on here yet :)

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