Thursday, 17 February 2011

3rd year project crew assignment

I've just realised I haven't out anything on here about our crew assignment! In addition to our pre/post production projects this term, we have been given the opportunity to work on one of the 3rd year final major projects and have been assigned specific crew roles for that project.
I have been given the role of set dresser for Sarah Crombie's stop motion film 'The Musician' where I will have to paint and add final detail to all of the sets that will be used for this animation. I am really excited about working on this project because I have always been interested in stop motion and have wanted to get involved in a project like this for a long time! I've never really had the chance to properly explore all of the different jobs and aspects concerning stop motion, so this project will provide the perfect opportunity to get stuck in and see how everything all comes together. Before I can get started on decorating, the sets have to be cut out and put together, so I have been helping Orla and Sasha with the painting, sanding and texturising of the sections of wood that will make up specific sets for the film. Here are a few piccies of us a work! :)

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