Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Pre Production fandango!

Rightio, after hearing all about the projects for this term, it sounds like it's gonna be a busy one!
We have been given the choice of either focusing on pre-production or post production, each with a different brief and specific criterias. With the pre-production project, we have to produce a detailed production bible for an idea that has been formed from four cards that we had to pick at random, all of which had certain words printed on them relating to important categories (show, character, setting, style.)
The post-production brief is a group project, however it doesn't have to evolve around a specific story. Instead it focuses on the art of special effects and shows how much can be achieved through specific programmes and dynamic ideas.
I have spent this past week trying to decide which one to pick which has been difficult! I am particularly interested in the pre-production side of animation and my strengths lie in this area, but I wasn't sure whether nor not I was just staying too much in my comfort zone. On the other hand, I would absolutely love to learn all about the post production side of animation because I think it's such a useful thing to know how to do and the potential for what you can achieve is incredible. But in some ways I think that this project would be completely throwing myself in the deep end, which admittedly can be the best thing to do, but I can see myself panicking and giving up on the whole project due to frustration and lack of inspiration.. sounds pathetic I know! I think whjat I will do is focus on the pre-production project, because there is still so much I need to learn about that side of animation since I feel my drawing skills have got extremely rusty! But I will also attend the post production sessions to learn as much as I can and practise in my own time.

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