Thursday, 27 January 2011

Plot for Pre-Production

Rightio, after a lot of alterations and scribbling-outs I have finally settled on an idea for my Pre-Production bible story line.. here it goes!:

The main character will be a girl who has moved from abroad (not sure where yet) to Britain, and is struggling to get to grips with the stuffy 'alien' culture. In an attempt to feel welcome, she visits a fairground where the bright lights and laughter feel welcoming and almost like home. In a moment of reckless thrill, she decides to ride on the biggest rollercoaster to try and feel alive, but instead the sheer force of the ride actually tears her 'astral body/spirit' from her physical form due to the current fragile nature of her mind and heart.
Detatched and alone, her astral body is bemused by it's surroundings and doesn't have a clue where it's human has gone. With no other options it attempts to seek out it's lost human, in the meantime desperately trying to fit in with and understand the British culture and all the while making a parody of what is supposidly the 'right' way to act in this country (e.g having to excuse yourself from the table, the correct way to hold a knife and fork, love of gossip, etc.)
Mirroring the astral body's feeling of loss, the unattatched human becomes a blank being seeing as part of her is missing. She keeps her head down and gets on with her empty life by echoeing her astral body's attempts at fitting into british lifestyle.
Both struggle without the other, and in a desperate attempt to feel warmth and joy again they both simultaniously seek out the same fairground where they lost each other once again. Both characters long to feel whole again, and they both get their wish when they are re-united at last by the entrance of the rollercoaster...

A bit long-winded, I know!, but it does use all of the words I have to include within the plot thank goodness! I was thinking it could be a one-off film rather than a series, and I thought it might be nice to not have any dialogue, just gentle music (possibly piano?) and some sound effects.

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