Saturday, 6 November 2010

experimenting has begun!!!

Oops its been a while since my last post again, I really need to stop neglecting my poor blog!
Well I finally made the decision to go ahead with the bead idea for my experimental, because I thought the animation itself could look really dramatic and visually eye catching if I managed to get the timing and colours right. I work in a little bead shop, and my boss was kind enough to lend me loads of beautiful glass beads which are perfect (and extremely heavy to carry home!) I spent all of last weekend getting all the dopesheets needed for my experimental project completed, which took a hell of a lot longer than what I anticipated! But I've managed to finish it, and fingers crossed the animation will be in time with the music! :s
I have actually started animating the beads now using the line testers in the studio, so far it's looking ok, I've got about half way through and I'm already seeing beads in my sleep!! If all goes well, I'm hoping to complete the animating this week.. if I don't throw the beads out of the window in frustration, that is! Here is a still from the animation, just as an idea of what the patterns will look like in the finished thing :)

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