Thursday, 11 November 2010

11 second ago-go!

One of our main projects for this term is a brief that co-incides with the 11 second club, which is a monthly animation compitition that provides a specific sound clip and people from across the world can submit their own animated interpretation of the script. At the end of each month, the most popular animation is selected as the winner, which provides animators across the country an oppurtunity to get their name and work out there in the business.
So we were given the task to have a go at animating the november competition, which is in fact a shortened clip from the popular film 'planes, trains and automobiles' (though it is advised to put aside any previous knowledge or impression you have of the clip, in order to prevent it affecting the final outcome.) I like the clip that we have been given, because it contains some humour, drama and isn't too 'fixed' so that we can be a bit inventive with it.
So over the past few weeks I have been trying to think of a good idea that would work well with the clip, but I must admit it was harder than it looked. I was thinking about it too much to start with, and my inspiration ran dry for a while so I just put the project to one side and focused on my experimental. But I now have a firm idea what idea I'm going to do, which involves an animal being stolen from a zoo with kind intentions. I really wanted to do my animation hand drawn on my lightbox, but I have left it a bit too late now, so I think I am going to make cut-out puppets and painted backgrounds, scan them into the computor and complete the animating in flash. I have finished all the dope sheets and have done a few character designs, hopefully I'll get cracking on making the cut-out pieces soon!

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