Monday, 22 November 2010

Experimental final!!

At last the bead hell is now over, and my experimental project is pretty much finished now (I hope!) The actual bead-animating was quite fun at first because I got to experiment with different patterns and shapes, although by the end of it I wanted to throw the beads out of the window and run away from the line tester! My dopesheet was a god send because there were a few times where I got confused and moved the beads in the wrong was, and also for some reason all my images got jumbled up on my memory stick so I had to go through it all and number them in the right order. I managed to complete the animating in about 2 days, and started concentrating on my 11 second project instead because I wasn't sure what programme to use to put all the images together. I decided to give premiere a go, because the export quality is pretty good compared to flash, but then realised the programme is bloomin' hard to understand! I admit I had many fits of rage as it didn't seem to like my images vey much (it kept making each frame last about 6 seconds for some reason!) I really do need to knuckle down and get to grips with premiere and after effects because I am pretty much clueless with it all :s After lots of tantrums and stress, and a lot of help from Andy and my house mate sasha, my bead animation has finally come together! We had quite a few problems with exporting the tiff files and for some reason part of the animation wouldn't render for a while, but fingers crossed it has worked now! I'm pretty happy with the results, because I like the patterns and colour combinations, and I think it fits the music quite well. But some bits of the animation look really jerky and unnatural, whereas I wanted it all to look flowing and almost 'fluid.' Some bits look too sudden and rushed, so if I were to do it agan, I would spce out the movements a bit more to make it look a bit less manic, especially at the end when all the shapes go crazy! But geneally I am pleased with the outcome.. hurrah! :)

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