Wednesday, 20 October 2010

walkie time!

This weeks task was to animate someone walking, but with some sort of message/emotion. I chose to animate someone who was angry, therefore I wanted my walk to look determined and agressive. I have recently bought a lightbox so I thought I would give it a whirl... then I realised how rusty I had got at drawing! It took me aaaages to plan out each step of the walk, and even the finished thing doesn't really depict an 'angry' kind of walk... only the miserable face of the character gives it away!
But on the other hand I think I have learnt a lot with this walk, because I really struggled last year with gettinbg to grips with the walk cycle we did back then (I did mine 5 times and it still looked terrible!) This walk now was my first attempt at it, so I guess I could say I have improved a tad bit from last time :) Here it is!...

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