Monday, 25 October 2010

drawings from the summer

Here are a couple of paintings I did over the summer, I used acrylics and fineliner and a wee bit of watercolour! One is a painting from a photo I took whilst on holiday with my friends in Zante, another is a little watercolour piccy of my boyfriend playing computor games, and the other is my own adaptation of the alice character from the AMAZING game 'American McGees Alice,' which, even after about 6 years of playing this game, I still cannot defeat the mighty jabbawocky boss!!.. One day, one day....


  1. you played american mcgee's alice?!?
    i downloaded it recently and couldnt even get past the 3rd or fourth level. tough as nails. and horrendous controls. very cool style though. you looking forward to the sequel?

  2. heeeell yes! tis a beast of a game! its such a pain coz i got near the end but my computor died and had to wiped.. and lost all my bloomin game! and now i can't remember how to defeat the bosses :s the second one looks wicked tho :D