Thursday, 29 April 2010

New term agogo!

Sorry sorry sorry! As always its been yonks since my last post, I deserve a slap on the wrist for my lack of committment! Well we arrived back in good ole Falmouth to be met by glorious sunshine, so for the first week we pretty much basked in the rays and packed in a few bbqs and beach visits before the clouds came over and the work piled up. But we have now been given our projects for this term, all of which look pretty cool! For the main group project of this term we were given a few choices of what brief we wanted to work on, which ranged from quite strict guidelined story lines to more vague options. And im a huge Whale. In the end my group decided on the less structured brief which was titled 'What!'... which was pretty much a script consisting of 5 'whats'... which pretty much allows us to do whatever we want, as long as we carefully craft the 5 'whats' into the storyline in an original and inspired manner. The other projects we have been given are sketchbook-based. The first one is group based, where we have to think of a 'rule' each week and stick to it, eg only draw blue things, ask a stranger for a object to draw, etc. The third project is called 'Animal Firm' where we have to create a world/ scenario that is made up of ganster inspired animal characters that has a unique twist to the plot. So... here it goes!!

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