Monday, 5 April 2010

Ident Project

I have just realised I have not put any of my ident work up on here! Once again I have abandoned my poor ole blog, I must give it the love and attention it needs!
For the final project of our second term, we were given the task to create an ident for the new virgin music channel 'Red Room.' Virgin sent us a brief that speicified that we had to make an ident that incorporated their new and 'fresh' ideas in music (seeing as the music channel was focused on unsigned bands and new music.) Apart from a few small boundaries, the brief pretty much gave us the freedom and oppurtunity to pretty much do whatever we wanted!
I chose to do a pixallation animation for my ident, because I hadn't really experimented much with this technique, so this project gave me the chance to try out something different. For some reason (that I still don't really know why!) I chose to do a pixalation with a breakfast theme since I thought it was something everyone could relate to. In the end I decided to have slices of toast appear on screen, each with a different music note drawn onto it with breakfast related materials e.g jam, marmite, peanut butter, etc. The slices if toast would then gradually dissappear as chunks of the toast get bitten away, revealing the words 'Red Room.' To do this, I hired a tripod from the media centre and set everything up on my kitchen table. I was going to do the animation in the animation studio, but decided against it due to the fact that my ident was pretty messy with all the jam and everything!
The animation itself only took a couple of hours to do, and although it was quite fiddly it was actually easier than I thought. After I had all the images I loaded them into Photoshop and adjusted all the colour filters to make the images brighter. I tried putting the images into flash and premier to make the final animation but the images would not load into the programmes, so in the end I had to use the line testers to make the pixallation since I was running out of time. Bu this reduced the quality of the animation and made the colours look dull and bland. Although I like the idea behind my ident project, I am not happy with the final outcome since the colours do not stand out, and the music that I chose to accompany the clip doesn't suit the animation itself.
After all of our idents were complete, they were screened in the cinema for the entire group to view, and they all worked really well, but I kinda thought mine looked quite childish compared to everyone elses seeing as they all looked so proffessional! So next time I am going to spend longer on the animation and get to grips with the programmes I am using before the deadline creeps up! Here are my initial design ideas, and also my final ident.

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