Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My walk in 3D

I really should be more dedicated to my poor blog.. I expect it has been feeling a tad bit neglected recently.. sorry blog. Over the past couple of weeks we have been given the task to animate our own walks in both 3D and 2D.. as soon as I heard this I panicked once again!
After my rather disastrous attempt at producing a walk cycle last week, I admit that I was a little nervous at this weeks assignment.. but i guess practice makes perfect!
To make the tasks a bit easier for us to map out in our heads, we were given the opportunity to film ourselves walking. At first we had to just film ourselves walking normally, then we had to act out an example of a 'silly' walk which depicted a specific emotion. I tried to express a sluggish lazy walk, but I'm afraid it just looked like a monkey walk.. never mind.
This week I focused on getting the 3D finished because that was one I was dreading the most. It was quite demoralising because even though I spent quite a long time on it and tried a few attempts it still doesn't look right. My own walk is really fast so it was really difficult to make it look natural. Also I am considerably 'plumper' than the rig that we were given so the walk looks quite strange! But even though my Maya clip doesn't look particularly spectacular, I am actually quite proud of it.. about 3 weeks ago I was struggling to make a ball bounce on Maya, so animating a person seemed almost impossible! Here is the finished walk cycle in 3D.. please don't laugh too much..

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