Thursday, 2 February 2012

Set Construction!!

Now that we had the plans and dimensions of all the sets, we could get cracking on the construction side of things, which we had all been looking forward to!
Using the initial plans and also George's 3D models, I drew the dimensions of the walls for each set onto either plywood or on a special light board we found that has a section of polystyrene down the centre (have't got a clue what it is called!)This board seemed to be a good option for the exterior walls of the pasty shop because it is really light yet pretty sturdy. Once I had drawn up the different sections for each set, we put on our overalls, whipped out the tools and all had a go at cutting out the outlined sections which was pretty good fun! We have a really good team and we all work well together by bouncing ideas off each other, so the sets should be done in no time. Here are some piccies of our progress...

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