Monday, 13 February 2012

More Props!

Now that the bed frame was finished, I could get cracking on some of the smaller props. We thought it would be a good idea to stagger the filming of Pasty Child, and the first scene that will be shot is located in the pasty child's bedroom, so this week I have been focusing on getting all the props made and ready for this particular room.
The props that I need to make for this room are:

-Bedside cabinet
-Bed + bedding
-Mop & bucket
-Plate and fork
-Teddy bear

The next prop that I began constructing was the bedside table. I used measured pieces of balsa wood glued together to make up the main structure, with thin strips of wood to make the draws and two small beads to make the handles. Once the construction was complete, I painted the cabinet with grey tones, keeping to the colour scheme of grey, green, red and black.

Whilst the cabinet was drying, I sculpted the rest of the props using milliput and water to smooth the lines out. Once these were set, I sanded each prop into shape and then began painting them with acrylics. Here are the props I've managed to complete so far

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