Friday, 27 January 2012

Pasty Child Mock Up Sets

Before we can start properly building the plywood sets needed for filming Sasha's stop-motion concept Pasty Child, we thought it would be a good idea to build some cardboard mock-up sets before we got stuck into the official set production, to figure out what bits worked and what bits didn't. So me and Sash grabbed a HUGE pile of cardboard, got settled in our living room and got cracking. After a heavily gaffa-taped few days we managed to construct the pasty shop interior and exterior (we plan to have these two sets to fit together like a jigsaw to avoid building the same shape twice) and also the pasty child's dungeon bedroom. It was reallhy helpful putting together the mock-up sets because we could figure out how the scale was going to work out with the props and puppets, and we could tackle any problems with sizing there and then. The exterior set, when put together with the interior, turned out to be pretty bulky which made it diffult to transport to uni. So we will have to make the real wooden sets while we are in uni to save having to fit it in Sasha's car. Here are piccies of us constructing the mock ups...

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  1. Hi Babe, nice to see you're working hard! Looking really good Dad xx