Sunday, 15 January 2012

Eighteen Ninety Colour Palette

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am co art-directing with Insa on her film Eighteen Ninety, so I will be giving her a hand to keep the design of the film looking consistent, and act as a second pair of eyes to check if something doesn't look right.

Last week we sat down over a nice frothy cup of coffee and discussed how Insa wanted Eighteen Ninety's design side to look, and also went over what needed to be avoided. She showed me some inspiring artists that had a similar 'look' that she wanted to incorporate into the film, and the colours within the illustrations were spot on to what I had imagined. We both agreed that the film itself needs a strong but careful colour palette that will draw the viewer’s eye to the detail, but not distract them from the main BMX action. So, using the artists Amose, Swoon and Erone as inspiration, I put together a rough sheet of possible colour palettes. Voila!

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