Sunday, 6 February 2011

New character design

Rightio! I have decided to change my character designs for Ana and her astral body, because I think the previous ones were a bit too literal and the colours didn't work very well. The character Ana needed to look a bit more plain and uncomfortable, with very prim and proper clothes and a worried expression to represent her uncomfortable nature.The astral body character on the other hand looked a bit too ordinary and 'human,' so I have now changed her to look more wild and 'free'. I was going to make her wear a long dress but once again it looked a bit too literal, so I have covered her modesty slightly with a long floaty skirt and tumbling curls which link to Alphonse Mucha's style. I also made the astral body look a bit transparent by using the blur tool in photoshop, hopefully she looks a bit more surreal than before! Here are the final designs :)

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