Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Now please don't judge this terrible piece of stop-motion too harshly, I know I have a hell of a lot to learn! But I'm giving it a go, definetly need to practise more! This is just a quick clip of a 'worm' wriggling across our kitchen table.. I only had black plasticine so it looks a bit weird and the movement is pretty jerky :s Going to invest in some new materials soon :D It was fun though, and Monkey Jam is a god send! :D


  1. When you get it doing ballet I'll be impressed :P x

  2. hahaha laurence your such a dick. everyone needs to start with a worm. classic em but sadly you should be busy doing other things in the kitchen like cooking and cleaning. sort it out. save this for your non kitchen times. jeeze! know your place.

  3. lmaaaaooo iv only just noticed your comment! shame on you andy and loz :P