Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Monkey Jam Test!!

Well well.. once again it's been bloomin' aaages since my last post, and I am ashamed to say I have abandoned my poor blog once again! It's been a pretty busy summer so far catching up with people which has been lovely, but I have also been working quite a bit to try and pay off a fraction of my hidious debts (I try not to think about it!) So I admit I haven't really done much animating or anything remotely 'animatey'.. which kind of scares me because my memory is terrible, and knowing me I will probably forget everything I have learnt this year! :s So I have decided to kick myself up the bum and finally do something! For the past week I have been doing some doodling and sketching, trying to focus on a quick style rather than my usual painstakingly- detailed illustrations, which I'm finding quite hard to get to grips with, but I will upload some on here soon. I have also discovered an amazing programme called Monkey Jam which, suprisingly, I can actually work! :D It's designed to help make stop-motion animations, and I have been attempting to make some models using wire armatures for the skeleton and plastacine for the main bulk of the body.. they look pretty crude and clumsy but they will do for some practising! I've only ever tried stop-motion once a couple of years ago and it immediately caught my interest, but for some reason I haven't tried it out since. So I'm gonna give it a go over the next few weeks, it could be a disastor but wahaay.. trial and error :) Here is a silly test I did on monkey jam to see how the programme works :)

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