Monday, 14 June 2010

Finished Animal Firm PDF

Wahay! Here's the finished Animal Firm pdf that I handed in for marking! For some reason it wouldn't upload at first, so I loaded the file into Scribd and copied the code for my bible into here, and it seems to have worked! After grumbling excessively about this project, looking back I have actually enjoyed working on it! I struggled at first to get a strong idea and spent too long worrying about the plot. Bu then I realised it wasn't all about the plot... a simple idea can often flourish into something special! I still do not really like the concept to my Animal Firm because I think it is very cliche and has been used many times before. But I am really pleased with all my character designs and the final look of the bible that I've created, I just wish I had a bit more time to work on the backgrounds more since I feel they look a bit rushed and basic. But this project has definetely helped me to understand more about the pre-production side of animation, which is great because it is the area of animation that I would love to get involved with. So here is my final pdf, enjoy!
Final Animal Firm

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