Thursday, 18 February 2010


Blimey eck it has once again been quite a while since I have updated my poor ole blog!! Quite a bit has happened since my last post! Before the crimbo holidays we were told that we would have to write an essay on the film/s of our choice, and we were given 4 different titles to choose from. In the end, I chose the question relating to representation, and focused on how representation was used throughout Disney's history. I must admit, I found the essay pretty hard to get stuck into, it has been quite a while since I have had to write and essay as long as this, and my writing skills have gone a bit rusty! But I managed to complete it in time, phew!! We were also set the task of producing 3 different backgrounds using different mediums, which I really enjoyed because I have considered going into background art and storyboarding in the future. I haven't actually got the feedback from this project yet, but as soon as I get my work back I will put some piccies of the finished drawings up on here :)

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