Thursday, 25 February 2010

Brian Andreas= absolutely wonderful!!

I have recently stumbled across the work of an artist that I am not familiar with.. and I admit I have completely fallen in love woth his work! His name is Brian Andreas, and his illustrations are absolutely beautiful! I love the glowing colours that he uses in the design, and I especially like the way he mixes lovely sounding words with lovely looking drawings. The designs that he uses are quite basic, but the fluidity of the lines really caught my eye and made me stop to have a closer look. I am a definate fan as you may have guessed! Here are a few examples of his work...

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  1. These look great for animation, why not try doing a project with this kind of look?
    Do a test, if it works well, get in touch with the artist and ask him if he'd like to collaborate on something. People are very often flattered to be asked and he can always say no if it isn't his thing.