Thursday, 5 November 2009

2D Animation.. not great

I am not happy with the result of my 2D animation this week. We were given a similar task to the 3D animation: to make a large Mr Cubey and a smaller Mr Cubey character interact, therefore giving them emotions and personalities. I decided to animate the smaller Mr Cubey jumping forward and bouncing off the larger Mr Cubey. I like the start of the animation because i managed to capture the jump quite well. But I added in exclamation marks and question marks to represent the large Mr Cubey's bemusement as to why the small character just lauched itself towards it. But it didn't really work very well because I didn't draw enough frames, therefore the clip is over in a second and looks pretty rushed. Also the larger Mr Cubey doesn't have any personality, it just stands there looking bland.
We haven't been given a project this week because we are off on a trip to the Bradford Animation Festival next week which I am VERY excited about, it looked amazing!! But next time we are given a 2D project I am going to spend a lot longer on extending the animation and getting the poses in each frame perfect. Here is my finished 2D clip from this week:

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