Thursday, 6 October 2011

Seagull Puppet!

Here's a little seagull puppet I made during the summer, woop! It looks a bit rough here and there and it needs a lot of tweaking, but I quite like the look of it and practise makes perfect :) I carved blocks of balsa wood for the basic head and body, and then used milliput to add the feather detail, beak and feet. To connect all of the limbs, I used twisted 1.5 aluminium wire and also twisted 1.0 wire to connect the two sections of feet to enable them to bend. Here are the results!


  1. What a gorgeous puppet! - I love the rough, papery texture. Came across your blog quite by accident, I'm doing animation at bristol :)

  2. thankyou! going to try and make another one very soon! :)