Tuesday, 6 October 2009

first week in falmouth

Well now, this week has been a mad whirlwind of events, meeting and greeting new people and generally getting settled in falmouth. I love all the people in my block and everyone on the Digital Animation course is amazing, and I cant wait to get stuck into the work!
I must admit I am quite scared of starting the course, because I haven't really had much experience in Animation. I originally applied for Illustration here in Falmouth University, but I was instead offered a place on the Digital Animation course, and I am so glad I said yes because the course looks absolutely fantastic!! I have always been fascinated by the processes and techniques used by Animators, but I admit I don't partically get along well with computors.. could be tricky, but once I get to grips with all of the technology then hopefully I will be able to create some interesting work.. fingers crossed!

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  1. pheeew we had our first lecture on the history and theories behind animation.. it looks so complicated! its really interesting though