Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pasty Child Shots

Forgive me... please please forgive me! I know how long it has been since I have done a post on here, and I am extremely ashamed of myself. Naughty Emily, once again neglecting my blog to the point where it starts gathering dust. I promise I will do a big post soon, with a big big update :)

Welllllll I am proud to say that we managed to get Pasty Child completed! It was completely manic over the last few weeks of term getting everything finished, but the team worked like magic and we all pulled together to get the film looking as good as possible with the short amount of time we had. Andy and George were troopers and managed to get all the animation and effects crammed in, a massive pat on the back to them!

Also we have some fantastic news.... Pasty Child has recently won the Undergraduate category at the Royal Television Society Awards! Whooop! We are currently entering the film into some more festivals here and there, here are a few shots from the film, with the puppets and sets in all their glory! :D

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